The Role & Activities of Homebirth Queensland

  • We promote the right of choice in all birth and health matters
  • We offer education and support to all pregnant women who seek it
  • We offer information on natural healing methods, pain relief and nutrition
  • We recommend Homebirth Midwives who have applied to our association for recommendation, and have shown themselves to practice according to standards endorsed by Homebirth Queensland
  • We encourage the active participation of all member Parents and Midwives in all areas concerning Homebirth Queensland


  • to promote interest in, and disseminate information on, childbirth
  • to share information among and between parents, midwives, doctors, hospitals and health services
  • to assist in the provision of community support for parents approaching childbirth, during the birth and throughout parenthood
  • to provide emotional, educational and practical support for persons who want a homebirth
  • to promote improvement in the physical, mental and social conditions of childbirth, wherever it takes place
  • to ensure that all regulatory bodies – local, state and federal are aware of current homebirth research so that any legislation, rules or changes being formulated are based on a wide range of studies
  • to encourage those who train doctors and midwives to include the theory and practice of non-interventionist obstetrics in formal courses
  • to seek to remove any financial disadvantages of homebirth compared with hospital birth
  • to maintain contact and liaison with other homebirth associations
  • to record and analyse statistics relating to homebirth
  • to establish standards of practice, knowledge, experience and ethics which the Association requires of homebirth midwives
  • to be a referral centre for homebirth midwives
  • to share our knowledge and experiences of natural birth with other women
  • to learn more about our bodies and birth and to foster belief in women’s ability to birth naturally
  • to prepare midwives for the type of support and service women need and expect and to guide midwives in maintaining a quality service
  • to support the midwives who choose to serve us

The Homebirth QLD constitution is available for download here.