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What Is Lotus Birth?

Lotus Birth – Down to Birth and Dr. Sarah Buckley The placenta, also called the afterbirth, develops from the same cells as the baby. In the womb it acts as the baby’s external organ, performing the tasks of the gut, kidney, liver, skin and lungs. After birth, the baby’s placenta is usually delivered within an […]

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Different Birth Positions and Encouraging Baby To Turn

Articles on Homebirth The articles below are offered by Homebirth Queensland to provide some general information about homebirth, and are particularly suited for those considering homebirth as a birthing option for the first time. There’s No Place Like Home – Why Women Want to Birth at Home by Jodi Cleghorn Giving Birth at Home by Sarah Buckley […]

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There’s no place like home – why women want to birth at home

with thanks to JODI CLEGHORN Continuity of Care Women and their midwives/birthworkers are able to spend many months getting to know each other, building an honest, trusting and open relationship. Emotional, psychological, physical, nutritional, spiritual, cultural and medical needs are met. Women feel safe and secure that their decisions regarding birth will be respected and held as highest […]

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