Frequently Asked Questions

Some suggestions on common topics of concern or queries about homebirth and natural parenting are provided below, however, this is on an informative basis only; please consult your midwife or other health care provider if you have any health care issues you need advice on.

Is Homebirth Legal in Australia?


In 2010 a Determination was passed, which required Midwives to obtain professional indemnity insurance and practice collaborative arrangements with medical doctors, in order to practice outside of Hospitals and Birth Centres. The indemnity insurance had previously been unattainable, not because it was considered too risky, but because the number of midwives attending home births in Australia is too small to be a viable business to Insurers. In 2012 a Review indicated that this was still the case and many Doctor’s have chosen not to provide collaborative arrangements citing advice from their Insurers. As a result, Australian Health Ministers met in August 2012 and agreed to extend the professional indemnity insurance exemption and modify the collaborative arrangements to enable midwives to continue to practice independently.

Why do Women Birth at Home?:

Can I birth in Water?

One of the benefits of birthing at home is access to water birth. Water can have many benefits including providing pain relief during labour and a gentle transition during birth for mother and baby.

The following article from the Maternity Coalition talks about the benefits of labour in water, whether at home or elsewhere:

Waterbirth International provides answers to common questions about water birth:

My baby is Breech, can I birth naturally?

How can I encourage my baby to turn?

What is a Lotus Birth?