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Breastfeeding & Postnatal Care
Breastfeeding, lotus birth, postnatal care, babymoons, postnatal depression

Yoga, alternative therapies, massage, vegetarian diet Businesses
Where to buy or hire maternity, birthing, and baby goods

Homebirth – Australia
Australian homebirth information, photos, forums, birth stories

Homebirth – General
General/international HB information, photos, forums, birth stories

Education & Activism
Information about childbirth & promotion of choices in childbirth

Hospitals & Interventions
Ultrasounds, labour medications, inductions, caesarean sections

Cartoons, games, jokes, child-focused activities

Midwives & Doulas
Midwives, doulas and other birth support people, courses of study

Talking with children, partners and relatives about homebirth

Natural/attachment parenting, slings, co-sleeping, nappies & elimination communication

Freebirth/Unassisted Birth
Freebirth & unassisted birth information, photos, forums & birth stories

Variations in Pregnancy & Birth
Breech birth, twins, VBAC, pregnancy health concerns, waterbirth.

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